Burglar Alarms

I never for a moment thought I would spend a large majority of my day thinking about burglar alarms (ba). But that is exactly what I do now. We go on ba scavenger hunts and we watch videos about how they are made. 

We’ve even used them to learn our shapes and letters! 

Walking down the street one day and J shouts out ‘that’s a Yale’, ‘how do you know it’s a Yale?’ I say. ‘Because it starts with a Y!’ 

J has wanted to make a ba for ages, but as you can imagine, I haven’t quite felt I’ve had the skills for it. But yesterday I achieved his dream. 

I’d been wanting to do some simple electronics with him, so bought a 3v motor, a 3v battery pack AAA and some alligator clips from Amazon. They didn’t come from the UK so they took a while to arrive. But it was so worth the wait. 

I taped the motor onto the side of a paper cup at first so we could clearly see it move and I added a sticker onto the motor for a clearer viewing. 

We then made our circuit. It was great because the cup moved, so this was our first robot. I’d got the idea to add Pens to our robot from researchparent.com so I taped on 3 pens and off our drawing robot went. 

This was so much fun (my tablecloth might not think so). 

Then J had the idea to make a ba. So we added our motor to a box. 

The fun we’ve had with this! We’ve played cops and robbers and J has loved playing with a ‘real burglar alarm’. 

His latest request is for an ADT burglar alarm birthday cake. 

My fear is I’ve now used all of my electronic knowledge so I’m not quite sure where to go from here!