Chalk board Numbers

We went on our regular day trip to Ikea yesterday! We love a trip to our local store. There’s so much to see and do and now J loves going to the play room, whilst I have a sneaky cuppa! 

Whilst there I found a wooden numbers puzzle. It was £4, which I thought wasn’t too bad. 

When we got home J had a great time painting the backs of them. 

Yes he painted the back, because I have painted the front, with chalk board paint. 

J has shown an interest in numbers recently. So we are trying all sorts of ways to help him identify the different numbers. Counting isn’t a problem, but number recognition is a little more tricky. 

I did two coats of the blackboard paint. Hopefully that will be enough to withstand the pressures of being drawn on. I also find that with one coat, the chalk doesn’t rub off as well. 

Once dried, J can enjoy writing on the letters. 

I’m also hoping to use at the toddler groups I’m involved with. I might get some wooden letters too!