Topsy and Tim and the 3 little pigs

We are big Topsy and Tim fans in our house (well I might not really include myself in that last statement!)

We watched the episode where they act out the story of the 3 little pigs last week (series 1 ep 19) and it really caught J’s imagination. 

So today when we came across two empty card board boxes he was away! 

J gave me very specific instructions on how to make the house costume that Tim wears in the episode. 

We came across issues such as how do we keep the chimneys on his head, so J decided it would be a good idea to use hair bands. I’m now 4 hair bands down. 

He was also insistent on smoke coming from the chimneys. So after a short hunt for the cotton wool we now have smoke. 

To say that craft isn’t J’s most favourite activity he did brilliantly. He had the chance to do some sticking and cutting and I was so impressed at his instructions. 

We all then had to act out the story of the 3 little pigs after. 

We had such a lovely time together! 


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