Lifting Letters

I haven’t been around for a while on my blog! It’s a bit shocking that I haven’t written a thing since April!!! 

We’ve had the summer, and the only thing we got up to was to spend every minute outside. Then in September J started nursery and it’s been a bumpy ride, but after the first term we are starting to get there. Excuses now out of the way…

Today my husband went back to work after the Christmas Holidays so I had to remember how to do this parenting thing again. So at 7am I found myself putting out play stations to hopefully entertain J. 

We had tiles, which he made a great pattern with. 

We had some toys out and I made a cardboard surf board (after watching the ‘wot wots’), which we decorated. 

But I enjoyed adjusting an electronic crane we have, so we could lift up some magnetic letters. Now it wasn’t a great hit with J, but if you have a child with a little more focus, this might be fun. 

Now I am aware that not everyone has an electronic crane lying around, but some of you have manual ones or at least a digger. 

I taped a screw on the end so that the letter could attach to it. You can then talk about the letter names as you lift them. Try and make words too if you can. 

I was very excited about this idea! 


One thought on “Lifting Letters

  1. Create Your Own Fun November 10, 2017 / 11:24 am

    This is epic! I Love this idea!! We may have to borrow a crane! Or I suppose a magnet on string attached to a stick would work equally well, just not as cool!


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