The dinosaur ate an icecream…

No I haven’t gone crazy, just getting creative. Now I know story stones are not a new thing and they certainly are not my idea but I wanted to try them out. On holiday we visited the Ilfracombe Tunnel Beach, which can I say has one of the best cafes and soft play I have visited yet. But on the beach they have lovely flat stones which inspired me to make some story stones. 

I kinda wish I had bought a load more home because there are so many uses for stones in our lives. Who knew… 


I bought some permanent pens from the pound shop (I was worried drawing on stones would ruin my best pens – it didn’t by the way). Originally I thought about drawing it and then painting with acrylic paint, but the pens came out brilliantly. The above picture is side one and here is side two…

I left them out for J to see when he woke up and all I could hear was ‘wow’ coming from the front room. 

I was a little bit dubious as to whether it would work with a 2.5 year old, but when I showed him how to do it he was away. 

‘The dinosaur ate an icecream and then a storm came and the boat went swish then the sun came.’ 

I would definitely recommend making some story stones and leaving them around and then you can see what amazing worlds they create. 


Octonauts and going shopping

We’ve just had a lovely Easter Holiday. We had a week away and a week at home, so we used our week at home to get sorting! J is growing up fast, so we have taken all things baby from his room!! 😢

I wanted to make his room a bit more of a fun place and not just a place where we store his toys. I’ve put away toys that have been out a while and have made more of a spectical of new toys and toys that he hasn’t played with for a while. 


I managed to pick up all of the Octonauts toys at a charity shop for £2! Massive bargain. So I wanted to make a bit of an under water world. Our holiday was in Devon so managed to pick up stones and shells which added to sea bed effect. I found some under the sea labels to add some more colour, but it’s been great for J to recognise letters and different animals. Speaking to a friend today, if I’d had some material I could have made a bit of a reading den with books about fish and the sea. But with no material and lack of space, that’s just a bit of a dream.

Going Shopping

We haven’t played with his till for ages. When we did play with it, I’m not really sure he knew what to do with it. So I made a little shop for him (you can see where I shop). He recognised the shop name straight away, which was great.

We had great fun playing today, we spotted different numbers and I told him what the different signs said, which he repeated this evening! His purse has money and cards in. I keep adding boxes as I use the contents in my kitchen. So he’s having fun recognising different food.

I had great fun making these little areas in his bedroom and have loads more ideas for when we swap them around with different toys. But it’s been lovely watching him play in such a different way and interact with pictures and words.


Blog post update 

I noticed that the under water world and shop wasn’t being played with as much. So we’ve had a swap around. 


Our Farm has made an appearance. We bought this for his second birthday and it hasn’t really been played with. But placing out and leaving it out has meant that he’s found moments to go and build fences. He’s also enjoyed looking at the farm cards. 


One of mine and J’s favourite things to do is to go to a cafe.  We don’t spend long in a cafe, but we do enjoy the idea. So we made J’s cafe. 

With open and close signs to help recognise numbers and a menu. 

J’s favourite food is chips, but I don’t have any play chips so I think I will have to make some from salt dough or something. 

Having these toys out is great, because he plays and can use his imagination in different play. But also today he realised he missed his octonauts so we started to play with that! Great!