Cake Pops – yummy! 

For some reason, J has been asking for weeks to make cake pops. I’ve never been a fan of cake pops, if you’re gonna eat cake, eat a cake that’s bigger than a ping pong ball. But J loved it. I must say it was one of the best baking sessions we’ve had. 

I bought a cake pop mould, sticks and stand in poundland. Got to love a pound shop. 

Firstly we made a cake, which we cooked in the microwave, so that it was ready quicker. 

4oz baking marg

4oz sugar 

Mix together in an electric mixer. 

4oz flour

1oz coco powder

2 eggs

A dash of milk 

Mix together 

Put in a microwaveable dish and cook until you can put in a cake tester and it comes out clean. Prob about 6 mins. 

J had great fun measuring out the different ingredients. He was so good at not spiling, this is a definite improvement. He tried to read the numbers on the weighing scales which made me think I should get some electronic ones, so the numbers are clearer. 

Whilst this was cooking I melting some chocolate. Once the cake was out J had fun mashing up about a quarter of the cake into crumbs. 

Mix this with the melted chocolate and form into the moulds and pop into the fridge. 

Having tasted them, I should have mixed in more melted chocolate, probably the whole bag of giant chocolate buttons would have been better, but I wanted to eat some this evening! 

I think dipping in melted chocolate would have been nice too. 

But hey, we had fun!