Potty training! 

We’ve finally done it!!

I’m very aware that I have been the one that is the most resistant. J has been ready for nearly 5 months. But I have put it off and put it off until now. I had no more excuses. My husband was on holiday so he was around to help and I couldn’t think of any more excuses apart from wouldn’t it just be easier to have him in nappies for ever.

It’s been a 5 month process of talking about it, trying it out and then yesterday we woke up, put the nappies away and told him that we would only wear nappies when he went to sleep and bless him, he’s done amazingly. Day 1 – one accident and 9 successes. We’ve still got a way to go but he’s done sooo well. I must admit we did have the help of chocolate buttons, but he’s gradually forgetting about them.

Today we are going to try and leave the flat as we all have a case of cabin fever. But to prepare for this we’ve made some car seat and buggy protectors. You can buy seat protectors that can be used in the buggy and car seat, but you’re looking at buying at least 3; one each for each seat and one spare (or is that just me). So we made our own.

I took one of his old cot mattress protectors (it’s plastic on the bottom and flannel on the top) and cut off the excess material that fitted it to the mattress. We managed to get 8 protectors out of one sheet.

We then measured it in our buggy and then cut a slit into the middle of the square (nearer the edge). So that the strap can come through.

And ta-da you have 8 seat protectors. I’m going to keep some under the buggy and some in the car. I’m imagining these won’t be used forever, but it gives me the freedom now and that is good for us.

We are also going to test out our new portable potty too. I got a pack of liners for the potty but I’m gonna test out homemade versions for that too. I’ll let you know.


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