Weekly Calendar 

I’ve discovered that J is just like me. He likes to know what is happening and when. He also eats better if he knows what is being cooked before he’s decided what he should be eating (which is normally chips). So I looked around on Pinterest and saw lots of great calendars. But none seemed to fit with what I wanted and they didn’t include meals. Also I wanted to use some images that would be familiar to him. So I came up with my own. 

It was quite easy to do. The trickiest bit was trying to find all the images.  

 It does have a title with his name in. 

I thought about putting it in a frame  first before sticking on all the Velcro. But in the end I just laminated it. 

We’ll see how it goes!! 

—–  Calendar update  ——–

I stuck all the Velcro on with a glue gun. But then when it came to me showing J his calendar, the first pull came with a broken calendar. So it’s been put away until I can buy some Velcro with sticky stuff on the back. It’s probably the best solution on many levels as I did burn my fingers a lot! 


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