Legoland with a 2 year old. 

We treated ourselves to a day at legoland, Windsor this week. And what a treat. 

I must admit I was slightly dreading it. I stupidly read some of the trip advisor reviews before going and I think they scared me a little. 

But it did make me prepare and because of that, a 3 hour journey getting there (should have been 1.5 hours) and an hours wait to get out of the carpark somehow didn’t seem that bad! So here are some of my tips… 


1. Get there as early as possible. The gates open at 9.30am and the rides open at 10am. We left our house at 8am hoping to get there for 9.30am but that didn’t quite work. We eventually got to the gates at 11am. But it was still early because everyone else got stuck in traffic. It was quietish till about 12.30am. The queue to get tickets was quick and we mananged to do two rides fairly quickly too. 

2. Be prepared for your journey. Since my wedding activity bag, I’ve been putting bags together for all types of things. So I made a car activity bag. I thought he would go to sleep but he didn’t so I was glad of the bag. It had snacks, books and I bought him a postman pat toy which kept him entertained for ages. 

3. Plan your rides. We decided to only go on rides that were age appropriate for J. So we didn’t fit in ones for us too. If we did we would have lost hours in waiting time. We got two rides, saw miniland and played in Brickville before lunch. After lunch we did afternoon nap, and then played in the splash zone, Duplo theatre and in playparks. We didn’t attempt any rides. J can’t cope with queueing for more than 10mins. At 5pm we had dinner, then we managed to fit in the rest of the rides. People had started to leave so the queues were so much shorter. We stayed in the park until it shut at 7pm. Doing it this way made the day so much more pleasurable. 


4. Take lunch and dinner. I know it takes a lot more forward planning, but do take lunch and dinner. Not only is everything so expensive but you end up queueing again for your food. It was so nice to eat when we like and in nice calm surroundings (there is noise everywhere). 

5. Have a budget in mind. The tickets are expensive (I thought anyway). But you can get loads of deals out there to make it more affordable to get in. But once you are in there are shops, sideshows and food stalls everywhere trying to get your money. As someone who struggles to spend lots of money I found it quite shocking at how much people were spending. But even I was almost sucked in. I would have an amount in mind on how much you are going to spend so you can’t be charmed into spending more. If you have older children you might want to give them a set amount and they then know when it’s gone it’s gone. 

6. You need a swim nappy for the swim zone but they do sell them in the shop for £1.50. 

7. Getting out of the carpark. It took us an hour to get out of the carpark. But that ended up being fine due to the wonders of BBC iPlayer downloads. 

All in all we had an amazing day. J absolutely loved it. And points where I thought it would be tricky really weren’t. The staff were lovely and it was a great experience. So thank you Legoland. 



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