Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

We have got into Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures in a big way in our house. We saw an episode one day and then J was hooked. 

But it means that J had all of a sudden taken an interest in all different things and it’s been so fascinating to see his imagination grow. When we go out for walks he’s looking for lichen and monkey puzzle trees. He’s never really taken an interest in plants before. 

He now loves clocks and wants to look for them every where. Whilst on holiday visiting a little village, we went on a clock hunt and it’s amazing where you see clocks. 

He now also enjoys playing with Dinosaurs. A friend bought him some big dinosaurs and he’s enjoyed  making dinosaur noises and pretending to be a dinosaur roaming the earth. 

He can now say some of the different dinosaur names and when we went to the Natural History Museum he could recognise the different places that are in the show. 

So I thought I would mention some of the different ways we have been incorporating this great show in our play. 

1. re-enacting the show: I made a clock for J out of boxes. J turned our running phone holder into a Gizmo and we had a back pack and a hat. J played for ages pretending to be Andy. 


2. Today we went for a walk to find Dinosaurs. J wore his hat, backpack and gizmo and he tried to find a T-Rex. 


3. Dinosaur Eggs – we made Dinosaur eggs by putting small dinosaurs in a balloon, filling it with water and freezing. He could then smash with a hammer and drip with warm water to see what happens. J much preferred the egg that was only frozen for 4 hours as it smashed straight away and water spurted out. The one that was frozen for days took too long to get to the prize! 


4. Clocks: J loved the grandfather clock I made for him. It helped him to start recogising the numbers. So I also bought him a wooden jigsaw clock similar to this one. As mentioned before, we’ve been on clock hunts where we searched around to find all the different places that have clocks. 


5. Dinosaur crafts: crafts are tricky in our house. I love doing them and J just isn’t bothered. But Dinosaur stickers do get him interested. So we’ve made a few dinosaur pictures. 


6. We’ve also been reading fun books. ‘Harry’s bucket full of Dinosaurs‘ is a great one. We’ve also been making buckets full of Dinos. Another good one is ‘Yikes, ticklysaurus‘. 

7. Counting Dinosaurs

I made some dinosaur counting cards and laminated them. They now decorate the wall. We then made a dinosaur world to play in. So much fun! 

So these are just a few things that have been sparked by watching this great programme. 

If you haven’t seen the show take a look, and ‘go back in time to when Dinosaurs ruled the world’. 


2 thoughts on “Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

  1. marie March 21, 2016 / 7:32 pm

    Hi how did you make the clock as we have boxes but no idea where to start


    • lydialings March 21, 2016 / 7:49 pm

      I used two boxes. A tall one and a smaller one. I cut doors in the taller one. I think I wrapped the smaller one in brown paper, but that’s not necessary. Make the clock out of a piece of card. Either write on the numbers or you could print a picture of a clock from the Internet. Then use a split pin to attach two clock hands, I made these out of card. You can also decorate it however you want. I stuck dinosaur stickers on it. Once you’ve made each part just stick them together and have fun!


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