Wedding activity bag

We have 3 weddings to attend this year. This is amazing; 2 members of family and a lovely friend. But then it hits… Taking an active toddler to a wedding. Weddings are a time where you sit quietly during the ceremony, then you sit whilst you wait ages for food and during speeches. That is a lot of sitting. 

So I’ve made an activity bag to help with entertainment. 

It includes a few of his favourite things…. 

1. Book

2. Puppet

3. Stickers

4. Digger

5. Lots of food (although he’s teething this week and isn’t eating 😓)

6. Bubbles 

7. Balloon

8. Play-Doh

9. A bottle to post Pom poms 

10. Colouring book and crayons

11. Pipe cleaners and pasta 

12. A fan 

13. And a felt road with cars and diggers

I’m hoping that should keep us going for some time. 

I made the road, which includes a construction site. 

  It has a popper on so can be rolled up to save space. 

 From the £ shop I bought a pack of friction cars and some small diggers, which now have their own little bag. 

————– Post Wedding ————–

We had a lovely time (apart from the rain). We explained to J that he couldn’t run around during the wedding and he was amazing! He loved his activity bag. The more popular items were the Pom Pom bottle and the felt road. He of course enjoyed the little treats which were included. He also enjoyed the puppet. It helped a lot that we had family there. But he coped well. 

As with all weddings there was a lot of waiting. So that’s when the crayons and stickers came in handy. He also liked the play-dough. 

It took me ages getting the bag together, but it was so worth it. I’m not sure how we would have coped. I’ve put it away now for it to come out at the next wedding. I’ll tidy it up, add some more snacks and probably take out some bits that weren’t popular. I’ll see if I have any creative juices left to add anything. 

I was so amazed at how much he enjoyed it. Yay!