Edible (well hopefully not) play dough!

Recently J has really taken to play-dough. He wants to play with it everyday. His favourite thing to do is to play diggers in the dough. He digs with them and then puts the dough in the dumper truck. 

He’s also taken to cooking with his dough. We don’t have a play kitchen. I haven’t found one small enough, wooden enough, cheap enough or practical enough (I know I have high standards). So I turned his IKEA Garage into a hob and oven. The compartments underneath are the oven.  


We’ve made pretend pizza, chips, brioche and Chelsea buns. He loves it. 

One of our main issues is that he loves to eat it! He thinks it’s ‘yummy’. So today we tried making our own play-dough in the hopes of him eating it and thinking it was really yuk. And so far it’s worked. He’s played away and I’ve written this blog post. 

It’s completely edible (admittedly you wouldn’t want your child consuming this much salt – but I don’t think it would get that far). 

The recipe is…

1 Cup of free running salt

2 Cups of plain flour

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

2 Cups of boiling water (straight from kettle). 

Edible Glitter – optional

food Colouring – optional

Cream of tartar – again optional but it helps it last longer. 

It’s so easy to make simply mix everything together. 

J helped us make it, we just took over when the boiling water was added. J was very impressed and declared excitedly that ‘daddy made play dough’. 


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