Fried Eggs

With Easter round the corner I had some egg inspiration. 

J loves cooking and eating egg. He’s recently got into pretend cooking a bit more so I’m trying to increase his felt food store. 

At the moment the £ shop are selling plastic eggs (I think they are meant to have choc eggs in them). But I’ve picked out the yellow and orange ones to make half a dozen eggs. 


I saved an egg box and then inside each little egg is a fried egg made out of felt. 



They are really easy to make. 

All you need is a smallish square of white felt (make sure it can squeeze into the egg). Then cut it into a squiggly circle or fried egg shape. 

Then take a smaller square of yellow felt and cut that into a circle. Make sure it’s in proportion to the rest of your egg. 

Once you’ve got those bits ready, blanket stitch (watch this video on YouTube if you don’t know how to blanket stitch) the yellow circle to the White felt. 

And you’re done! Make six of them and you have a nice dinner. 


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