Early wake up call! 

Having a 4.30am wake up call is never a pleasant thing, but when that wake up is ‘hello world, I’m ready for the my day!’ That’s even worse! 

So today started with me dreading what it was going to bring! Also I’ve been really ill this weekend and today was going to be my first day out of bed! I tried to convince my husband to let us swap, but he wasn’t having any of it! 

But we have had great fun, my husband made an improvement to the Pom pom Shute. 



J could pull it off the wall easily, when I put it there, on the table it was more firmly attached! He tried to put loads of things down there. 

Next J managed to break one of my pearl bracelets (it’s fine – they were cheapy ones), but it meant we had some marbles for out home made marble run. I used the cot protectors at first then used some boom whackers. (Plastic tubes which you can whack together to make a tune, they are amazing!) 

He loved watching the marbles fall through and out of the tubes. He then tried to find other things that would fit through the tubes. 

We also had fun trying to rescue lego men from ice blocks. 

I froze some lego men in some ice cube trays and plastics containers and J had fun bashing them with his hammer. He uses everything as a drum at the moment, so I thought this would be a little bit quieter! 

We’ve been colour matching too. I saw these on a montissory pin on Pinterest (so sorry, must start getting sources). But instead of buying them I got out my needle and thread!

I bought some coloured lolly sticks from wilko’s for a £1. Then made some  felt lollies to match. The sticks come out and J can match the stick to the lolly. He can use them in his kitchen too! They were so easy to make and it took me an evening to make all four. 

I read somewhere recently that on average two years olds have a concentration span of 2 mins, which in one sense help me realise that J is completely normal, but on the other hand if you do the maths of a 12 hour day – take off sleep time, food time, bath time leaving you about 8 hours. In an hour they would do 30 different things and in 8 hours that’s 240 different things. Wowser that’s a lot of activities. Fortunately there are some things that take longer than 2 minutes! So in the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought the day was going to be, we certainly didn’t need 240 activities. In my mind that a good day! 


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