Immunisation success!!

Well J’s second MMR went very well today, so much better than I had expected. 

In the morning, we played doctors giving the teddies injections and I clearly told him that he was going to have an injection in his leg and we practiced (obviously with a pretend injection). 

When we got to see the nurse, I sat him on my lap and gave him his favourite book. It also helped that there was a fan in the room so that took his attention. I started to read and the nurse took my cue and as quick as anything it was done. He cried for about 30 seconds and then wanted to carry on reading. 

In the words of my sister in law (she’s a brilliant play specialist) ‘it’s good to prepare and then distract’. 

When we got home we had a very special treat of making chocolate cornflake cakes. It was great fun!


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