Immunisation success!!

Well J’s second MMR went very well today, so much better than I had expected. 

In the morning, we played doctors giving the teddies injections and I clearly told him that he was going to have an injection in his leg and we practiced (obviously with a pretend injection). 

When we got to see the nurse, I sat him on my lap and gave him his favourite book. It also helped that there was a fan in the room so that took his attention. I started to read and the nurse took my cue and as quick as anything it was done. He cried for about 30 seconds and then wanted to carry on reading. 

In the words of my sister in law (she’s a brilliant play specialist) ‘it’s good to prepare and then distract’. 

When we got home we had a very special treat of making chocolate cornflake cakes. It was great fun!


Playing Doctors

J has his second MMR tomorrow. When they are little, their jabs hurt them for a little while, but they seem to forget quickly and they don’t really know what is happening. Now he’s older he knows exactly what’s going on and he doesn’t forget. At his 6 week jab, I didn’t think it could get any worse, but it does. I hate it.

So I’m trying a different tac tomorrow. J got a doctors kit for Christmas, which has a play syringe, so for a while we’ve been giving each other injections.

I’ve set up a doctors activity table for when he wakes up in the morning.


We’re gonna be doctors and help his teddies in the morning. I’m hoping it will help him understand a little bit more.

We have…
• Plasters
• Doctors kit
• Cotton wool
• Medicine boxes (yes the drugs have been taken out)
• Tissues
• Prescription pad
• Pencil
• Masking tape (instead of a bandage – I didn’t have one and needed to use stuff from around the flat).
• Empty aerosol can

I think I’m going to add a skeleton picture and some X-Rays.

Whilst at the doctors I think I will take one of his favourite books to read whilst it’s happening. Bubbles would be a better option, but I think I’m going to need all of my arms for holding him.

Looking online there are loads more ideas for doctor role play, but they will have to wait till he’s a bit older.

We’ll see if it works.

Messy play in a flat

Six months ago we moved from a beautiful 3 bed house with a garden to a 2nd floor flat, without a garden (we’re happy it’s our own flat!).

I read lots of blogs especially of people in America and Australia, who have copious amounts of land for their kids to have lots of messy sensory play. At first I use to read these with a sense of despair, how could I possibly do that with my little boy. My dreams of having a sand pit and water tray in the garden have been burst. But I’ve overcome my desire for neatness and have come up with many ideas for great messy play in a flat.


I’ve mentioned shredded paper before, hiding household objects, toy animals or plastic balls within it creates a lot more fun.


Sawdust makes a great substitute for sand. It’s not a material that can’t be cleaned up because it gets everywhere but it’s really useable for pouring and tipping. J loves scooping it up and putting it in other containers.

Other substitutes for sand are porridge oats, rice, lentils and today we used some baby porridge that we hadn’t used up.


I also cooked some pasta and got all his pans out and put it on the kitchen floor. (A tip: don’t do this before lunch, it became his lunch!!)

J has started washing up with us, which is great water play.

But I also cover the bathroom floor with towels and fill a big tub with water and toys and J plays inside.

We also play with bubbles inside.

I promise we do leave the house, but I think it’s great that I don’t have to have a garden for J to still have messy fun. I’m sure I could be braver, cornflour mixed with water or baby rice mixed with water.

My main issue is most things I do with J have to be edible as he still eats everything (yes I know sawdust isn’t edible, that seems to not be a problem).

Extra ideas on a postcard please.