Pretend cooking

I feel like I haven’t done anything with J recently apart from me being ill, my husband being ill and J is currently under the weather! It’s been a tricky few weeks. But hopefully we’re coming to the end of us all being sick.

J loves using his play kitchen things. We haven’t got round to getting him an actual play kitchen yet, but we’ll get there.

So this time, whilst J was eating his snack I set all his kitchen things out and added rice and lentils. We spent some time before hand playing with play-doh, which he used his rolling pin and then we set to making a rice and lentil mess! Take a look at the aftermath.


I can only wish I’d taken a picture before hand, when it looked pretty.

J mainly found it fascinating, that if you have lentils and rice on a soft surface and whack it they bounce everywhere!

But he had a good time trying to tip the lentils etc from one bowl to another. It was a bit hit and miss, but it’s tricky. I should just mention that I did have to watch him carefully as I didn’t want him eating the uncooked lentils and rice.

Cleaning up was fun. J helped me (by tipping up the filled up dust pan).

By the time I’d cleaned it up, I was wishing I’d used dry pasta instead.

We’re trying baking tomorrow, hopefully that will go ok.


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