Invitation to play

We bought J a table recently. He is always climbing on ours, so I wondered if he had his own whether he would stop climbing on ours. The answer is no!

But what has happened is we have the perfect platform for invitations to play. Every evening I set out a different activity and then it’s ready for him in the morning. What I’ve noticed is he is a little more focused with the activities and because we are not getting loads of toys out he doesn’t get bored with them all.


We’ve had shapes and stacking rings, with puzzles.

Then we had Duplo…


This was great for playing with the animals and for the first time he made the right sound for the horse instead of thinking the horse and goat makes a moo sound.


Then I set up colenders with pipe cleaners, he loves playing with these because he can now push the pipe cleaners through the holes. I also added some raw pasta and he was able to push the pipe cleaner through the pasta. Fortunately there wasn’t loads of pasta, but three days later I am still finding pasta every where.


We also bought a till for him so I set up a shop. I’d managed to find a shopping basket in the £ shop which had some boxes in but I also saved some boxes and bottles. Now I know it’s a little advanced for him to role play with a shop, but he enjoyed putting the products in the basket. He also loves his till and has learnt to say money. J is a fan of bottles too so there was lots of fun to be had with that.

Other ideas I have….
1. Stickers
2. Vehicles
3. Cotton reels and threading
4. Magnets
5. Animals
6. Little people
7. Balls
8. Christmas

I also have to keep being creative to think of ideas which is great.


Real Baking!

We did it! We had a successful baking session.

We baked at 8am, he sat in his highchair and I weighed out all the ingredients before starting.


He loved having to wash his hands before and after and the only time he ate anything was when we put the raisins in. He enjoyed using his spoon to put the ingredients in the bowl and then having a stir. It was at this point I had to tell myself that the mess doesn’t matter.


He helped me put the mixture on the tray (although I did most of it) and then he saw them in the oven.


For lunch we tasted one of our Rock cakes and they certainly went down well!

I was very proud of how well J did and how well I did too! I’m allowed to pat myself on the back!

Pretend cooking

I feel like I haven’t done anything with J recently apart from me being ill, my husband being ill and J is currently under the weather! It’s been a tricky few weeks. But hopefully we’re coming to the end of us all being sick.

J loves using his play kitchen things. We haven’t got round to getting him an actual play kitchen yet, but we’ll get there.

So this time, whilst J was eating his snack I set all his kitchen things out and added rice and lentils. We spent some time before hand playing with play-doh, which he used his rolling pin and then we set to making a rice and lentil mess! Take a look at the aftermath.


I can only wish I’d taken a picture before hand, when it looked pretty.

J mainly found it fascinating, that if you have lentils and rice on a soft surface and whack it they bounce everywhere!

But he had a good time trying to tip the lentils etc from one bowl to another. It was a bit hit and miss, but it’s tricky. I should just mention that I did have to watch him carefully as I didn’t want him eating the uncooked lentils and rice.

Cleaning up was fun. J helped me (by tipping up the filled up dust pan).

By the time I’d cleaned it up, I was wishing I’d used dry pasta instead.

We’re trying baking tomorrow, hopefully that will go ok.