Sawdust Fun!

We have a house rabbit, and the other day after leaving J with my husband for an hour I came home to see photos of J helping to clean out the rabbit. He was sitting in the cage enjoying the clean sawdust! Fortunately by the time I came home it was all tidied up.

But it did strike me how much fun he must have had. So today we had take two without the use of the rabbit cage.

I first put some sawdust in my trug, with some sorting cups, but realised he wasn’t tall enough to reach in, bless him. It did confuse him slightly.


So then we moved it into a smaller container and it was so much fun.



As well as some sorting cups, we also gave him some scoops and sandpit toys. He enjoyed scooping it in the pots and scattering it all around the front room. He poured it into larger containers and probably wondered about how funny it felt in his fingers.
In my last post I asked for a solution about an indoor sandpit and this might be a good substitution. Or maybe I might be brave enough to just have sand indoors (not sure I’m there yet).

Now as I’ve mentioned before J doesn’t concentrate for long and he played with this for about 20 mins, which is good in my book. The other joy for J came when we had to get out the ‘Ooover’, which gave another 10 mins of play.

Again thinking about toys and activities which are open ended play, we bought him a cleaning cart today.


It’s been used to clean up after lunch, sword fighting and a Duplo sorter. Thinking about open ended play has made me really think about his toys and toys I buy. And I’ve noticed he plays longer. Yay!