Pipe cleaners and lining paper

I have been reading an amazing blog gooddayswithkids.com. The writer goes into so much detail about child development and how their brains grow and develop and how as we as parents can help them grow and develop. I have been so fascinated and once again it has challenged me as a parent and how I parent.

The main helpful message to me was I need to not have expectations of J that he isn’t capable of. Last week we had a tricky week, where I got frustrated because J was acting like a 1 year old (I know I’m silly), but I was expecting too much of him. J is growing and developing amazingly but he isn’t 5 he is just 1 and I need to remember this, so reading all about the brain development has been amazing.

What also was so interesting to read about is how children’s brains make connections every time they learn sometime new, see something new and experience something new. How incredible is that? And for me that meant every time I expose J to new things, I’m helping his brain develop and his understanding of the world develop.

J also showed me this week, that I might do something or show him something and it might not seem to make an impact at the time, but all of a sudden out of the blue he’ll reveal his new skill. I started counting the other day ‘one’ and then J pipes up ‘two – three’. Where did that come from?

So I want to be a parent that helps J develop as much as he can, I want to show him new things and help him learn through playing new games.

So we had fun this week, shopping in the Poundland. I bought a brilliant colouring book suitable for 12months+ but we also bought some pipe cleaners. O the fun…


He had so much fun taking out the pipe cleaners and trying to put them back, but then he also loved walking around the room using them like a banner. We found them posted in all sorts of places.

We also played with lining paper, using it like a trumpet and looking at each through the tube.

I can’t help but think what connections did his brain make then?


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