Baking with a 1 year old!!!!

I had the crazy idea of baking with J today, I thought I would embrace the mess and try it out.

It taught me a lot about what not to do when baking with a 1 year old. I must confess the experiment was abandoned half way through! Mainly because my sugar bowl was being used as a cymbal. And that was lesson number 1…. Don’t sit him on the worktop, next to your pretty teapot sets. Next time (yes there will be a next time) I will sit him in his highchair, away from my valuables.

Lesson number 2…. Weigh out the ingredients first. I wanted him to have a go weighing things out, but it didn’t work, so if I had everything weighed out in little bowls, J could then pour the ingredients in the bowl.

Lesson number 3… Don’t try baking at 5pm, when he’s very hungry and wants to eat everything and is a little bit on edge! I think next time I will try after his morning nap.

I used a Be-ro rock buns recipe, which is really easy to do. There isn’t much sugar, so J can taste the fruits of his labor, and it can be mixed with your hands and a wooden spoon and they cook really quickly.

I certainly haven’t been put off baking with J. I’ve realised I have a recipe book about baking with tiny tots, so I shall have a read, before the next time.


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