Bubbly Fun!

Today I tried something I’ve never tried before and that was playing with bubbles with J. Now I’ve blown bubbles for J before and he gets really excited about them, but I’ve never let him have a go. And do you know what; we had so much fun and he played with the bubbles for about 20 mins. He loved putting the stick in the pot and putting the lid on.


It was such a lovely time as we sat outside next to the river and watched the bubbles go pop.

It’s really nice to think that a few months ago, it wouldn’t have been possible to give him the pot it would have been a nightmare. But now we are experiencing new things because he’s growing up, and it’s really exciting.

J also drew his first master piece today (with a little help from me!)


I’ve realised that stickers are now possible too, so yesterday he decorated my gruffalo calendar, with stickers and today his masterpiece.


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