Postman J

I think I mentioned in my last blog post that I sat down and watched J play and thought about all the things that interest him. Posting stuff was one of those things. We have a house rabbit and I often find toys in the rabbits cage (poor thing).

We’ve been to a few stay and plays recently where they have had post boxes, which were great fun for us both.

I asked Grandpa if he would make us a postbox with his carpentry skills, then thought, why don’t I make one?

And I think I had more fun making it than J had playing with it.



It was also very easy…

I had three boxes, one square ish, the others were cut up so doesn’t matter what shape or state they are in.

I then made sure that all the sides of the square box were taped shut.

I then cut the post slot at the front using a Stanley knife and a door at the back to collect the letters.

The box was painted using red acrylic paint mixed with PVA glue, this helps the paint stick to the box and the tape, meaning it shouldn’t flake off.

I used the other boxes to make the signs on the front and the letters.

It took an evening to make (I also made a cake in the same evening, so it didn’t take too long).


I’m now thinking of the next exciting activity I can make for J.


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