Colouring with a 1 year old

We tried doing colouring with J today, he found it more entertaining putting the crayons in the box and then flinging the box around his head so they scattered everywhere. This all happened whilst we coloured!


Lets be honest

I just want to start this blog off by saying this isn’t a dig at mums who don’t stay at home full time. I fully admire mums who for whatever reason, be it personal or financial reasons choose to go back to work. I admire your ability to fit it all in, get out of the house in the morning and have the brain space for work and kids.

If there is one thing I have learnt in the last year, is that there isn’t a set formula for bringing up children and the same thing that works for me might not work for someone else. So I can fully appreciate that not everyone would love being a full time mum or enjoy living on a budget to do so.

My conviction to stay at home is a long standing one and it is something that I am passionate about, but I would never insist that someone should feel the same as me.

This blog is simply my way of expressing the joys and the tears, but I also want to share some of the things myself and J get up to and how I get by with a baby on a budget.